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How To Repurpose Your Branded Content : As A Global Influencer

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

If you want to run a very successful blog and become a big influencer, then you need unique content and you need to know how to repurpose your branded content . Google will only rank unique content, and thus you need to post original and new things in order to gain traction.

How To Repurpose Your Branded Content : As A Global Influencer
How To Repurpose Your Branded Content : As A Global Influencer

But that doesn't necessarily mean that content that isn't unique has no purpose. And in fact if content is duplicate, there's still plenty you can do with it. If you've written hundreds of articles for your own website, then it's important that you get as much use out of these as possible and that's why you might be interested in recycling your content.

For instance, how about making an ebook? If you've got a website on bodybuilding, then that means you probably have hundreds of articles on how to build muscle and get strong. You can't make another website because Google won't like it, but you can make an ebook and then sell it through your blog or social accounts. As an influencer, people will be eager to get more content for you, and while they might have seen some of your posts, they won’t have seen all of them – certainly not collected in this way and with additional chapters thrown in.

This is an excellent way to monetize a big audience without lifting a finger!

The possibilities are endless in fact for recycled content – you can put it into an Android or iPhone app (a site on mushrooms can become a 'Mushroom Encyclopedia' app for instance with very little programming involved), have an 'e-zine' to go with your site, or even use it in a newsletter. There are plenty of places where having some content can provide value to your fans without needing to rank – and where it won’t hurt your current position in the SERPs.

Create Additional Income Streams:How To Repurpose Your Branded Content

You can also sell that e-book through forums, social networking sites or ClickBank and it will never matter if it doesn't rank. Or how about making a Kindle book and selling your bodybuilding knowledge through the Kindle store? It's free to do and once it's up there it'll bring a small yet steady stream of income with no need for you to moderate it or manage it. You can even use that copy on Lulu to produce self-published books and sell it as a hard copy book (or just have it on your shelf for your own ego).

Additional income streams like this can make a huge difference for influencers.

Re-Post Your Old Brand Content

One more powerful tip? Re-share your old posts! If you want to maintain a visible presence on Facebook for example, then there’s nothing to stop you re-sharing old archive posts. A lot of your followers won’t have seen those posts before, and they will be just as effective at bringing people back to your content and increasing your status as an influencer!

How To Repurpose Your Branded Content : As A Global Influencer
How To Repurpose Your Branded Content : As A Global Influencer


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