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The 3 Goldmine Golden Rules :As A Global Influential Influencer

Updated: Jun 7

Are you ready to step up your game as an influencer with The 3 Goldmine Golden Rules :As A Global Influential Influencer? Do you want to join the big boys in your respective niche and attract the highest-paying sponsors? Then you need to focus on these THREE vital golden rules

Are you ready to step up your game as an influencer? Do you  want to join the big boys in your respective niche and attract the  highest-paying sponsors?  Then you need to focus on THREE golden rules
The 3 Golden Rules Of Influencers.

The three golden C’s :

Being an influencer is all about creating amazing content. Whether you’re on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook… it really doesn’t matter. People tune in because they want to be inspired, informed or entertained and that’s what your content does.

This is also important when it comes to networking, getting shout outs from other influencers and finding sponsors. The better your content, the more other people are going to want to be associated with your brand. We’ll address how to do all of this later in this article.

So how do you make amazing content? Again, it’s all about understanding your value proposition. You need to know why your audience responds to what you’re doing and what they hope to gain from following you. Once you can do that, you can tap into that emotional hook and keep bringing them back.

Community engagement is absolutely critical for influencers working on Instagram and other networks. These are social networks and the operative word here is social.

That is to say that these platforms are designed for communication. If you are putting out content but not responding to comments or messages, then you’re not really using the channels as they were intended.

Start to actively respond to your audience and engage them and they will feel as though they actually know you. This gives them a greater sense of ownership over your brand and of belonging and ultimately, it’s what makes true “fans” as opposed to passive followers. Even your friends!

This is also the best way to sell something as an influencer: using what we call the “soft sell.” Imagine that you are selling life coaching for $1,000 per session. Instead of shoving that down people’s throats, you instead post images of you living your best life and mention casually that you offer life coaching.

People will contact you to ask about it, at which point you spend time talking to them, getting to know them, and understanding if you can help them. Only then do you outline the program you offer and the price, at which point they’re hooked. This is how, as an influencer, you can successfully sell truly “big ticket” items.

Finally, you need to connect. Success as an influencer is as much about who you know as anything else and if you can work alongside the other big influencers in your niche then it will give you a leg up that helps you get to the top that much faster. Associate yourself with the brands people love and you will eventually become one yourself!

Of course you also need to put yourself out there if you’re going to find those sponsors. Don’t just wait for them to come to you!

How do you connect with your partners? One option is to check out our elite community of like-minded creators.

In conclusion, there are many different ways to become an influencer and lots of factors to consider. The most important takeaway though is that in order to be a thought leader, you need to lead. Don’t try to appeal to everyone, don’t make bland and generic content.

Be yourself, write about what you love, and produce it in a stylish way that leaps out.

If you do that and if you focus on the things that your audience really want – that motivates them to get out of bed in the morning – then you can position yourself as an influencer and start creating real change on the web. From there, the sky's the limit.

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